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Your Child’s Super Hero Tool Box…Climbing out of the Rabbit Hole ~ Explaining Violence to Children


Precious Jewels

Just thinking about writing my experience with this subject matter, gives me the heebie jeebies. My heart is racing and my body stiffens. But this is one of those important matters that are uncomfortable at best, necessary at the very  least, scary for all of us, yet could save a life that may be our own child’s.

Please know, as you read this, that these are my wisdoms in this growing area of violence with children. You may not agree with all that I say. Please take what you think will work for you and your family, and leave the rest.  We have seen this in action. It DOES work. Thank you for reading this and please pass it on if you feel it will help someone. 


 As parents, grandparents and caregivers, I believe, we must be brave and tell the facts in a way that children can best understand,and to me, that is through encouraging them with the tools they already have, and encouraging their own bravery in a way they will be able to remember, if they ever have to take these tools out of their young minded tool box and put them into fast action.

Maybe you are playing with your little one in the sandbox. Maybe you are going for a walk, looking for bugs, or cool rocks. I believe nature is a great cozy cushion, that fosters deeper listening and atunes all of us to be present and focus more clearly. This is the setting that I recommend for this kind of conversation.

As an early childhood educator for over 2o years, I have learned that children listen best, if you tell them FIRST what is going to happen. For example: “Joey there are some things I want us to talk about now  that are going to give you some extra special tools to add to your toolbox of life.  You may even want to reference their favorite Super Heroes….from Frozen….Batman, Peter Pan,etc. Ask them to remind you of their fave character and why they like them. This will give you information. Many a time they remark about how their hero saves others. Then I begin the conversation with, “You know sometimes Joey, we can be our own Super Hero. Let me tell you how..”

This is how I explained it to my 4 year old who is now almost 27. It came into use for him when he was 11 years old. 

Joey can you picture yourself having fun on the playground? What would you be doing?  Oh that sounds like great fun!  Now lets pretend that you were running around and having so much fun, that you didn’t notice the big hole that was in the grassy part of the playground and you fell down into it. What tools do you already have that would help you get out?  What would you do to get out? 

This interactive kind of conversation is so important as it gives you information as to what tools they know they already have …a baseline for you to proceed from , as well as it encourages their own  self esteem to say it out loud. They most likely will say, they would yell for help and try to climb out, which is GREAT!  So you want to encourage that by taking it to a slightly higher level. “Yes…you may have to scream really loud so other people can hear you right? What could you be doing with your hands and feet to try to help you get out?”  This visual infuses into their minds eye, for possible later use. You can add silliness to this…You may even want to stand up and act it out. Both of you wriggle your body around and pretend you are climbing,up up up….

So now you have set the stage for safety, as well as a possible scary situation, and  turned it  into positive action they can take with the tools they already have and you have described it as an adventure.

Here comes the transition. “Well Joey, you are such a great Super Hero for yourself! You would do all the right things to climb out of that rabbit hole. Hooray!  

“Now I want you to know, that sometimes in this world there are people out there that hear some loud voices in their head. They really want to make the loud voices stop, and sometimes they think that being mean to other people, will make the voices stop. Sometimes they try to do mean things, just like the villians in some of the stories we have seen in the movies, and on TV. Sometimes they will grab other people and try to take them away.

If this ever happened to you, what do you think you could do to get away and be your own Super Hero? Listening and acknowledging their answers is really important here and then you can add things like…”Yes! Screaming for help as loud as you can is a GREAT idea!  Just like you would do if you fell down the rabbit hole!   Yes!  Wriggling your body all over to get away is excellant! Now you know I have told you it’s not nice to bite your friends, but if someone is being really mean to you and trying to take you somewhere you don’t want to go, or even trying to hurt you, you have my permission to bite them….use all your super powers you have to get away! ”

If you and your family believe in God, or a Super Power out there, or a ritual that is very important to your family, it is a good idea to add this to the mix. For me, with my son, I told him to always BELIEVE  he has the power and right ideas to get away. I told him to pray to God to have him know the exact right super powers to bring forth as his tools.

I kept referencing the Rabbit Hole scenario, as that is something they KNOW they can do and it helps to reinforce other scarier situations.

I personally do not care for the saying…”stranger danger” as unfortunately many times the villian is NOT a stranger plus it is just a scary phrase to me.

The other tool I make sure to include is to remember to breathe. We all stop breathing when we get scared and that hampers the amount of oxygen that goes to the brain. That is why you see many people just “freeze” when encountered with drama as they are so scared they stopped breathing and can’t make any decisions.  Once again…the Super Hero comes in….”Remember when we are doing super hero work Joey, we must breathe breathe breathe because it is hard work!”

Through out life, I would bring the Rabbit Hole subject up and let them do most of the talking so you, once again, have a baseline for what action they would take. You will see as they get older the story changes and it gets cemented in their being. I have had these talks with two year olds. To me it is never too early.

The other things to discuss are reminders about where to get help. Cell phones. 911 of course, neighbors,etc.  If there are stores around….running away, into a store and screaming for help. I also added to the mix for some reason that came apparent later, that if you couldn’t find anyone right away, go to the next store.

My son was being chased down by a child molester.  I was only minutes from him, but not close enough. The man flattened my son’s tires on his bike, un be knowns to my son, who tried to get away fast and flipped over his handle bars and broke his wrist. He remembered he was a super hero for himself and he ran to the next store, as I was racing in and out of every store looking for him as he had called me on his cell.  The lady at the counter  at the next store, for some reason didn’t believe him but the produce man was walking by and he  DID believe his screaming, distraught face and hid him in the back until I got there as well as the police. We were blessed. We were lucky. My son remembered everything in his Super Hero Tool Box. Your child will too!

Thank you for reading this. I’m sure I have now  officially given you the Heebie Geebies, but hopefully, some added skills and tools for YOUR Tool Box as well!  🙂


Annihilation and Chaos


I miss somebody. But I don’t know who it is.  Someone thought my eyes were flowers, and used a watering can. The feverent stream of tears, cascading down my face,are now looking for a more suitable place to land. All I really know is that my heart hurts. I want to take my marbles and make a new home for myself. On a different planet. Far away from here. I want to leave skid marks on the way out the door. I am angry. I am sad. I am astonished but not in a good way. 

Dressed in Black. Ready to kill. to Annihilate. Mission Accomplished. A happy day at the movies…even more enchanting since it was late in the evening. Happens to be one of my favorite super heroes. My son declared he must have all things Batman when he was a Toddler. Batman Cape, Batman Cars, Batman Costume~ head to toe. My stomach is sick. I wish I could be the elephant in the living room. I wish it would just go away. I wish I could just minimize it as another crazie person lashing out at innocent victims. I’ve recently experienced the dominoe  effect of a tragedy that happened close to home. How very many people  become shattered hearts in an unexpected instant. How many lives get changed. The tinge of darkness and despair,lurking silently or not so silently at their hearts door……The extent of this horror…I cannot begin to fathom. I don’t want to. I don’t want any part of it. Yet I am part of it, because I am an American. Still proud to be an American. But I am losing my hope in humanity.

Pasta Pretty



Any Pasta….can make you feel pretty again. Really. It’s true. Any pasta, made with love, can help you forget all your troubles, forget all your cares, lickidy split!  “Try it! You will like it! “

Lately, it seems that all I do is write about food! Nourishment for the soul. I guess that is what I am needing for now. How about YOU? 

I came home from work tonite, feeling sassy…not quite “Stella in her groove” yet. Kind of..”.I’m almost there”…if only I could……THEN I will be happy!” kind of mood. So….of COURSE…my pasta had to have lots of sultry seasonings, like capers, pesto, sunflower seeds and WINE!  The more I kept tasting the fruits of my labor as it kept sizzling over the flames….the better I felt.  Perhaps it was the wine. I like to think it was fate. I felt triumphant as I watched it all come to life in one big happy bowl of  over flowing yumminess as it slid it’s way into my beautifully designed, Pasta bowl. 

Perhaps it was …the long ago memories. Way back when. My son’s father left us.  The blue eyed boy…. he was very little. I was very scared. Our best friends moved in with us. We were all fledglings, or refugees or broken souls or something quite dreadful and foreign. But we became a new kind of family. Brought together by betrayal….and necessity. We…the Mommies, were too shell shocked to cook cool stuff. We had all we could do to not cry into the  spilt milk….the raising of these boys. We talked. We cried. We took them to the circus. We made Easter Eggs. We cried. We picked each other  lilacs and savored the fragrances of hope. We made Pasta. We made “kitchen sink”, elegant at times, ho hum, incredible….Pasta! The boys always loved it. We always ate it. We didn’t eat much in those hapless days of pain, but we always ate our pasta. We told each other we were beautiful. Pasta made us feel pretty amidst the tumultuous  job of navigating a new way of being for these fatherless boys. Hooray for Pasta. Hooray for Pretty. Hooray for strength and capers…..seasoned with LOVE!

“Mary Mary Quite Contrary…”


Outsider. Lone Wolf.  Hiding in dark corner crying.

Old. Feeling Older. 

Out of shape. You let yourself go. Too late now. Too late for anything now. 

Little Kid…Listen! Listen! Listen to me!  Listen to “little me “inside! 

Before it is too late! Before it is too late! Listen to me! 

“Mary Mary Quite Contrary…”

Your Garden Didn’t Grow.

You didn’t Listen

You didn’t Glisten….

And now you are….no more.

No more Lady Bugs for you. 

You chose your date..walked yourself to that gate…

And then You flew away in the  rope swing.

No one believed you would.

Love could not make you stay…any more. 

The Baby Cherubs fly their forlorn wings at half mast for you today.

They sadly knew…you couldn’t stay …

In the hell hole any more.

But me…I’m mad you felt this way…

The bits and pieces all astray…

The children will bury their Joy today

And tatter their dreams to shreds today

I feel the dark creep in….I do….

the dread…the lies…the hopeless feud…

But never could I dare to muster up a plan

to take this life  and go Ka Bam!!!

Never could I leave the ones I love…

Knowing how much the children grieve…

Oh No!  I could not steal their souls

I could not leave them to grow old…

But maybe you know much more than I…

So accomplished were you in your architectual ways…

You had so much but maybe not….

Your candle is out. Our world is darker now.

Your children must live on…and so must I.

Still mad with you for leaving us all

So now I can only bid you farewell…..

True Confessions of an Artichoke Lover!


      So…here I sit at my computer. “It is a Saturday nite and I ain’t got nobody…I got some money, cuz I just got paid….” ok I lied a little. I have my two most loyal companions a girl could hope for. My two pupster doggies, who are ALWAYS glad to see me! The husbands…didn’t quite turn out as loyal or full of glee to see the marvelous me…, but that is another story entirely. Artichokes represent soooo much goodness for me!

I was living in adventure filled Delray Beach Florida for 18 years, and I was on my way out! I was moving BACK to my beloved California and I was in that dreary state of packing up boxes and feeling very lonely but hopeful about my new life in Cali….My loneliness drove me to the grocery store where I always find comfort and strength. Aha!  There before me…stood the most gorgeous ARTICHOKE I had ever set eyes on!    I hadn’t dared eat one  since I set foot in Florida and there it was….”egging me on” so to speak!

I obsconded with my secret treasure and immediately found myself deeply imbedded in my ritual of cooking my artichoke to perfection with the savory flavors of  olive oil…rosemary,…and my delicious concoction of mayo… sauce and wine, And …there you have it!!!  The irresistable, unmistakenely, delectable, religious ritual of uncovering …the art and finesse of eating and  discovering the JOYS of being an Artichoke Lover!

Let me …let YOU…in on one of my biggest….secrets…when it comes to Artichokes!  This very enchanting….down right Gorgeous Man …who insisted on calling me  “Nut brown Maiden”…is the one who gave me Artichoke Lesson 101 at  “the very prestigious….”everybody who is any body, wants to be seen here, kind of organic,scene and be seen kind of  restaurant”. Davoods” in Mill Valley California! …Hmmm….a mere….38 years ago! And….I was TOTALLY young and in my Hey day and knew everything about anything!!

One of the most beautiful, delicious places I frequented in my twenties, and wish I could go back  to right now will always be DAVOODS! It was BEAUTIFUL…Had live gorgeous plants EVERYWHERE and all the food was natural, organic, and delicious!! I saw my hero…Joni Mitchell there one evening and it solidified my belief that this was the best place to be on the planet…but alas …it has now  been “replaced” with something with not nerely the finesse of Davoods!  But let’s not digress…. herin…lies my tulmultuous meeting with the ever spellbound glory and  power of the Artichoke!

I have to say. It teeter tottered on being one of the most  sensual, spiritual experiences of my life! Every time I now …allow myself the ritual of a lifetime….eating and experiencing an Artichoke… life….”unravels before me!”

Ok…so first you gently take a leave off of the treasured artichoke …dip it in whatever wonderful sauce that has been “created” and savor the unique flavors…..well you continually do this until you get to the “real heart of the matter” which happens to be the most delicious part of the Artichoke…THE  HEART!  You have to really WORK to get to the heart of the matter, but it totally rewards you!  If you have used the right “utensils” and you have loyally followed all the right directions….you end up a happy camper.!

The silver lining…is this!  You’ve done all this physical work to get to the heart of the matter. The  discarded …”.leafy baggage” is left all over the side roads of “pain or disdain”. Once you reach the heart of the matter, the REAL HEART of the ARTICHOKE…..the baggage seems very insignificant.

IF ….I would dissect my life…as carefully as I pull off the delicious leaves of the artichoke…..if I would take a careful look…at each leaf in life….before I devour it…perhaps….I would get to the “heart of the matter” with abit more steadfast intensity and less drama for all involved!   The artichoke always offers me …a delicious…adventurous journey. Not all Artichokes are created equal. Just like boyfriends and girlfriends, you must choose very carefully!

I had a rough day today. I came home to my loyal “companions” , who greet and welcome me with great love  all the time no matter what,and there lay…in the refrigerator…. an incredible Artichoke…all ready for me to embrace and dissect and discover ….my true journey…in …”getting to the heart of the matter, in the most delicious of ways!”

So….I did it. I devoured that great Artichoke and felt wonderful inside and out! Ah….the glories of the Artichoke!!!!!  It won’t EVER tell your secrets…..and it will always help you feel DELICIOUS INSIDE!!

Band of Angels

Sometimes…the willingness…to do whatever it will take to gain peace…not knowing how it will all come about, but making the decision anyway because it seems all goodness keeps aluding you, no matter what good action you take…that is, what gives you wings to finally fly….
I was willing to move. Into a small box with two dogs. No kitchen. Perhaps no windows. No laundry facility. Not close to the seaside.  Alone with the already aloneness desperate feelings of not being able to give anything to anyone anymore. Most especially myself. I called the people I love the most. Not to be fixed. Just to say it out loud and know I was loved. Thank goodness I still knew I was loved.  I guess AA calls it an addicts bottom.You zig out the back door and give up on yourself and life because the pain is unbearable any more, or you zig out thru the front door, naked, terrified,but chaotically determined in your shattered kind of dazed,stress filled confusion.
 My cell phone plopped itself in water 3 times in ten days. My Labrador needed emergency care. My car would not start anymore for anything. For the first time in seven months, I ALMOST had all the money to pay my rent on time until all these things happened in a two week string of black dominoes.  I always scraped together the $3.99 on sale Champagne, to remember to Celebrate life. The bubbly always made me feel that soon my happiness ship would arrive. Goodness had to be on the way for me. I would force it. I would..intend it….visualize it. I worked really hard for it. I was so melancholy blue. The young children laughing in the park, my pups, my son,my family, my Soozie friend and playing on the playground teaching the children I care for…about the wonders of nature…were the only glue that kept the living thread alive in me. It felt like a blue,cold,winter in my heart and soul. Money was always,always on my mind and not in a good way. I gave up on trying to “overcome” what life was giving me. The rash on my neck, the worry…the sleepless in Seatle nites…the exhaustion finally stopped me in my tracks.
Time to communicate truthfully to myself. I had no more warrantees left for cell phones and my contract was less then a month old. I couldn’t even try to control the fact that my rent money was gone, being spent on the traumas of my recent skirmishes. I had to move. I couldn’t wrestle this rent any longer. I told the people that needed to know. I felt an odd sense of relief, like when someone you really didn’t like much anymore, suddenly dies. I didn’t know my future, but I knew it would end up in a better place then the insanity I was wrestling.
And then the blue winged Angel came. Actually there was a band of them. My sisters. My family. My son. My brother Pesto and his wife.My Soozie friend. My sister in law who is really my sister. My Liessee, my great Auntie, my wild Helen, my Chee Wee girl. They all listened to me and laughed with me and loved me. I was given the most generous of gifts, that will help me climb back up into my life now and onto the saddle and actually be able to grab the reigns of my life back and gallop on into recovery. Recovering my Jewels. My stolen treasures. This incredible Angel is believing in me and the diamond she sees under the ground of debris. I am the luckiest leprichan ever!
I turned on what I thought was going to be the latest “News of the Day” because I am a junkie for this, and there instead was my story being acted out on “The Closer”. I was riveted. I tried to leave the screen. So much to do before work and all. But instead, the tears started streaming down my face. We have the same secret. The only difference is she is dead and I am alive. I realize now, that  my beauty  and innocence,as a young woman, “cost” me so much. And therefore…all my money challenges as of late. I don’t have to keep any more “Secrets” and I don’t have to protect any abusers anymore. I only need to protect myself and stay on a path of “safety”. I no longer have to “Pay the cost” of what I was a victim of any longer. I don’t have to have zero worthiness or self respect because of the things that were done TO me. I don’t have to pay any price any more. I am free. I can soar.  End of “SENTENCE.”




I have been told  that I have “Horse Hair” and found out that this was a compliment. I love horses so that sits quite well with me. The only problem is that for the last nine months, I have barely had ANY hair! If you watch this video, it may bring back fond memories of the hippie days when we “let our freak hair fly” as David Crosby serenaded us in “Almost Cut my Hair” back in the revolutionary sixties.


From time to time in our lives, we all cut our hair or restyle it or if you are a true girlie girl…usually hilite  it with other fun colours. Boys too, I should add. We all have our reasons that we need that big change. Mine was a much bigger and longer change then I could have ever imagined. I have done this many times. Sometimes even deciding that I was  now a “hair surgeon”and I could easily cut off and restyle my golden brown locks myself!  I’m actually pretty good, so I have had some “regrets” but nothing I didn’t blunder thru in those ensuing weeks of half hiding from my friends and praying it looked as good as they lied and told me it did.  This last “Haircut”  was very different. I’m not blaming ANYONE. Not even Me. Not the stylist (I TOLD them to do it)…not anyone. I just never realized…HOW BIG MY FACE AND HEAD ARE until I slowly walked out of there in utter shock and awe, with barely a whisp of nothingness to run my hands thru. I had my reasons that I wanted to look REALLY different then who I have been up until now, but that story is in another blog for another time….hint hint…it has a photo of a belly dancing beauty in the blog. HA!


So. I went on to face “the darker side of me”. Men were no longer looking at me , or if they were I believe it was to silently decide if I was a lipstick lesbian, or played for the other team, which I …at times in my frustrations with men actually wished I could …but alas I am  forever bound to the love of men.  Every time I looked in the mirror these last nine months, I would shudder at the bleak landscape of  brown flatbed  “grass” that looked constantly like it just got mowed. But it was on top of my head! And I had to “wear” it!

Now that I have long gorgeous locks again…well…the horse hair strands are now at LEAST an inch and a half long!….I am coming out of my long winters nap…my hibernation as a woman. All of a sudden and I mean really all of a sudden I am starting to look like a woman again. And feel like one. I believe I had to do this. I had much strife, and trials and tribulations to deal with recently…an ongoing template of bad to worse nitemares in my life. All Dark. All the Dark side. All ….my secrets. You know what they say. “You are only as sick as your secrets,” And I certainly have not “felt pretty” finally letting them all out…finally letting them all go….finally not “Protecting” the horrid perpetrators of my long lost innocence. I just couldn’t feel pretty doing it. It was so ugly. It was so shameful and dirty and I had to dig hard deep into my masculine strength to bear witness to all that my femininity was finally washing free of.

Just YESTERDAY….I turned a big corner. It just happened the kind of  way when a new little baby gives you a smile with her big blue eyes and you just met her …kind of joy in the minute, happening. It takes you happily by surprise and feels so great! You can’t even really  describe it. It’s like the veil came off. And you can see again. You can trust again. You can feel “worthy” of the life you have always wanted and you feel alive again and you feel PRETTY again and you don’t have to sell your soul anymore ever again for this natural right of passage!


So…for me. I had to feel “stripped” of my beauty God gave me. I had to BE the UGLY that was my secret past. And almost relive it but in a soul retrieving kind of way. I’m wearing my red flannel winter shirt right now,  and my snow flake PJ bottoms and I feel beautiful. I don’t want to take them off. I’m getting my hair back and I am getting my life back and I am so grateful. There is alot of power in “Hair”.



“He Wanted Life Fer Free”


I was in a hurry. The state I am usually in most of my life. Thrust the key in the ignition and there it was: that dreary sound .Instead of the freedom of mobility, I can always count on, I knew I was about to “hurry and wait.”  Always 45 minutes or more for AAA to arrive upon the scene. This time I was delighted to see the” Car Dr.” stroll into the parking lot, a mere fifteen minutes later!  Out walked tall Lanky Justin…grinning from ear to ear. He couldn’t have been more then 23 years old,and altho he stated he was a native San Diegan, he CLEARLY had that southern twang that  I always end up involuntarily imitating after any  southern hospitality leaves my company. Justin changed my historical experience of car repair into the most life changing positive  adventure, and it is days later, and I am still thinking about it. He was a great teacher. He showed me why my battery was totally dead, and why I needed a new one. He didn’t pressure me in to anything. He told me all my options. I decided to go with the new battery and he went right to work replacing it then and there in the darkness of the  late evening.

We started sharing life stories of how people treat one another and he gave me quite an insight into things. Things that  I was right this minute  going thru. There was a gentleman in a gas station that came right up to his truck and asked him to give his car a jump. Justin politely told him the rules of AAA,and said he would be happy to help him,but he would need to abide by the  rules and call AAA first and put an order in for himself. The man was not happy. He went around the gas station, bad mouthing Justin, saying the AAA man refused to help him out and could they please give him a jump. People came over and questioned Justin. Justin politely repeated his company’s rules. 45 Minutes later, Justin got a call from AAA saying this guy finally called in for a jump. Justin walked over, put his hand out, said…” Hello Sir, My name is Justin and I am happy to help you get your car back on the road”,in his calm,southern hospitality Justin kind of  voice. He took the “high road” speaking of roads. While he was explaining his story to me he was gesturing alot with his hands and jumping around with the passion of a lil kid enjoying his play time. He said…” This guy just wanted life fer free, and that isn’t what life is about! You can’t have life fer free!”  I stood frozen with awed insight. “He wanted life fer free…..”  I am the kind of person that can sometimes be too kind. I give people the benefit of the doubt when I should leave skidmarks on my way out of the relationship instead. I am learning alot about this lesson ever since I set foot in California about ten months ago. I keep saying yes,to people who want life for free. They want to take and not give. They are too afraid, too much in a hurry…or too this or too that. They act like they are giving when they are conniving a way to take instead and they think I don’t notice. I notice, but I try to see their best side instead and know that way way back they were abused or they were hurt or injured in their childhood or they were this or they were that. No more for me. No IS a complete sentence. And you can’t have life fer free. Thank You Justin. You are one of the most disciplined, respectful, kind yet stern, strapping young men…I have ever met. I KNOW you dont’ want or take life fer free and you will touch each and every person you meet with your truth and your stern kindness!

The Wind


I will always fondly reminice stepping foot ,back in America after working hard on opening up my soul on the  pristine island of St. Maarten, many moons ago. I was huddled close to my dear friend Liese; we were still in blissful, frightened culture shock from what we  had just learned about ourselves and eachother. I had a boom box, even back then. I was blasting George Winston’s beautiful piano music, Autumn.It calmed my soul from all the new found airport buzz. The gentleman in front of me strongly disagreed with the sound level, so off went my security blanket. We were taught to contemplate in silence alot, on the island… so the usual friendly chatter of people coming and going in airport talk… was just too much for me at the time. I was 23 years old and I knew everything. Scoffing at my new found enemy, I stopped suddenly and remembered the whispering sounds of the constant ever flowing gentle breezes of  my new beloved island friend, St. Maarten, and felt that calming, safe sensation again…immediately. I have always loved the wind. It is so power filled, sometimes so graceful, other times…so intense,like a Mama Lion chasing down it’s prey to feed her hungry cubs. So invisible in  itself, yet always bringing out the best or the worst of some thing… or some one. Windchimes, singing and swaying with glee, humans frightfully peering out their hurricane filled windows praying to live through the flying debris caused by 120 mph winds…cars and trucks, screetching to a halt, fearfully trying to avoid being the object of a tree cascading to the ground …the tragic result of Mother Nature’s wind and fury. The wind…is me. Passionate in every moment. Eager to make changes in the world,yet invisible in form. Sometimes with Joy and the birds singing out their gratefulness, and other times…at days end: the grim discoveries  lay, before,dormant,now… awaiting  the recent  rubble and destruction. The power  and passions of the wind…stirs in us all.

The  image here  is Japan’s word for Hope..”.Nozomi” can see the disasters…the rubble…behind our lil colourful character of “Hope”….with her little “Lantern of Light.” This is how us humans are…..Glass half full…..”Where there is hope…there is a new light…a new begining.. and “A new beginning…never ends….”  Namaste…

“Lemon Tree Very Pretty…”


I’ve always enjoyed lemons. To eat. Peel and all. I love all the sensations my mouth and face contort through.The ole saying.”.when Life hands  you lemons” part….not so much. My world fell apart today in a surprising …me very unprepared for … kind of way. I found myself writing on facebook…some strange concoction of that ole saying…”When life hands you lemons…make lemonade…” I tried to cheer myself up by adding some coolness to the ole proverb….and then I found myself slowly striding out the door,head down,to go for a walk with my two cheerful companions, Peachie and Farm Boy. I felt like Eyore. I didn’t have anything good to say to anyone and what if I did anyway, kind of attitude. All of a sudden I found myself sitting on the ground directly across from a beautiful lemon tree. It was sitting pretty much in a debris of garbage. But that didn’t take away from it’s shining joyful beauty. I knew I was in a place in life that was not a healthy choice for me to be in. I thought I would bide my time until life came up with something “better” for me. The way things “happened” would never be my first choice. But the result that WILL happen, because the lemons came galloping on into my lap…well…once I get over the shock and fear of it all….there will be a new, exciting place for me to be! I’d really like to play the blame game here, but really….I called up the Lemon Forces myself to rain on my fake parade. Perhaps now there will be a rainbow after my storm…or…freshly squeezed lemonade….