Greetings and Salutations One and All!

I have been wanting to create a blog for about a year now and I finally got my great inspiration to do it from my new friend …Soozie! Check out her blog at She is a great, talented writer!    Now back to ME….I love to tell my stories! Usually from an emotional…heartfelt pespective. I just moved here to beautiful Solana Beach California in September of 2010, from Sun~drenched,Village by the Sea….Delray Beach Florida. I am lovin it! I gave away most of my life…packed the rest of it up in a 5’X7′ Pod…and drove across the country with my favorite son Dakoda and my pups…Peaches and Farm Boy…a most wondrous Lab,and Kingly Australian Shepard. I sold my Kindermusik business to, Beautiful inside and out,…Angela from Colombia…and off we went! No job to go to….a temporary place to land with the doggies…..but “XM 156” taught me I could believe and trust in the invisible and if I did…..MIRACLES would unfold! And so they have…and so ..behold the tales that shall unfold! Thanks for dropping on by…..xoxoxo LoudMouthBirdie!


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  1. Thanks for checking out my blog, I am still very new to this and trying to figure it out. You have a great writing style that pulls you into the situation and helps the reader feel as you feel. Keep up the great work and keep pouring out your soul, good stuff



    • Thank you for the nice compliments!!! REally …so nice. Makes me curious which one or ones you read…the one I suggested? Cute lil guy you have there in your Pic! Thanks so much Kevin…YOU…are on to great stuff!!! Writing is soooooo everything kinda wonderful isn’t it?


      • I was referring to the buried treasure post. It is your ability and style of writing that grabs me though. I was never a big Whitney fan, but in your writings you get a sense of you in it.


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