IF Tears Could Talk

IF Tears Could Talk

boy on violin w:dogs and cat


IF Tears Could Talk                                                                                              14,Avril 2012

I have been a single mother of a most precious boy, Dakoda, who is now almost 24 years old. Right or wrong, he has been my life. He is the biggest love I have ever encountered in life and he has brought me the most profound joys beyond my wildest imaginings.

As a young boy his pants were always falling down as he scampered around the world, trying to be so cool. He would rap to any, and everyone who would listen, which mostly happened to be at school, and he would always gather a crowd with his haughty innocence and raw dripping talents.

He always wanted to be in the wonderfully rhythmic black culture,even tho he was as white as the new fallen snow. He is music. He lives and breathes music. He always has and probably always will. He loved Skittles. He wrote the Skiddle Riddle song 11 years ago. You can hear his soprano voice before it dropped.

I don’t know what to say to you dearest Mother Sabrina. I think of you every day and I cry. I cry for Trayvon. I cry for you. I cry for your family. I cry for me, and I cry for my son. But for the grace of God go us…..

I don’t know how you are living thru this travesty of injustice…how you find the ways to console yourself, especially in the darkness and sometimes bleekness of night. I can only tell you I am with you. I am nestled in your pockets. I am walking down the lonely road of shattered broken pieces of your heart. I am picking them up for you every day and I am rocking them gently in my hands and with my thoughts of goodness for you and your family. I am white. You are not. We both have the same color blood. We both have the same bleeding hearts when tragedy strikes. I am you and I am with you. I know I can never be right in your shoes feeling what you are feeling, but I feel very strongly about sending you this song my son wrote years ago when he was a young boy. I hope it brings you some peace. I hope it brings some comfort to your fragile tears. I am usually a pretty good writer myself, but I am truely at a loss for words. I can tell you that I AM filled up with love for you and your son and your family, and I just somehow feel that Trayvon is in this song. I know he is with you now and will be forever. I wish there was more that I could do. I wish there was more that my tears could say, that would wash away the pain and agony of this.

I can send you love and I can send you peace and I can send you fortitude to trudge forward in the brave ways you are already doing…I will. I will treasure you for the bravery and strength you are giving us…the rest of the world who are dumbfounded that such a thing could happen in this world today. I will treasure you and your family forever. I truely will ….beautiful Sabrina.

Blessings and Love….A Broken Winged Angel from California…


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