“Mary Mary Quite Contrary…”


Outsider. Lone Wolf.  Hiding in dark corner crying.

Old. Feeling Older. 

Out of shape. You let yourself go. Too late now. Too late for anything now. 

Little Kid…Listen! Listen! Listen to me!  Listen to “little me “inside! 

Before it is too late! Before it is too late! Listen to me! 

“Mary Mary Quite Contrary…”

Your Garden Didn’t Grow.

You didn’t Listen

You didn’t Glisten….

And now you are….no more.

No more Lady Bugs for you. 

You chose your date..walked yourself to that gate…

And then You flew away in the  rope swing.

No one believed you would.

Love could not make you stay…any more. 

The Baby Cherubs fly their forlorn wings at half mast for you today.

They sadly knew…you couldn’t stay …

In the hell hole any more.

But me…I’m mad you felt this way…

The bits and pieces all astray…

The children will bury their Joy today

And tatter their dreams to shreds today

I feel the dark creep in….I do….

the dread…the lies…the hopeless feud…

But never could I dare to muster up a plan

to take this life  and go Ka Bam!!!

Never could I leave the ones I love…

Knowing how much the children grieve…

Oh No!  I could not steal their souls

I could not leave them to grow old…

But maybe you know much more than I…

So accomplished were you in your architectual ways…

You had so much but maybe not….

Your candle is out. Our world is darker now.

Your children must live on…and so must I.

Still mad with you for leaving us all

So now I can only bid you farewell…..


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