“He’s A REBEL”


To Rebel….is…”to go against authority.”  My Mama use to always call me her “Rebel”. I was one amongst “seven angels”, which she also called us, but I was the only one that also got the special, and sometimes dreaded….”R” name. Then years later, we went skiing as a family which was the one and only time I recall seeing my Mom and Dad actually ski. I remember going up the chairlift with my Mom and she terrifyingly wobbled off the chairlift and  cut me off  with one of her skiis, as we were getting off . I was trying to be so COOL as a teenager, but alas I went crashing down off the chair lift,  instead of my hoped for graceful debut. I did spy a nice looking lad looking quite amused with the whole scenario before him and his name just happened to be Rebel!  We struck up a natural comradeship and I had a glorious, rebellious, ski vacation in New Hampshire that year!

Fast forward twenty kazillian years later. I’m broiling nachos in the oven, giving the dogs their supper…looking forward to finishing the Steve Jobs book that I can barely stand to put down: it is so riveting….and what song comes on the oldies radio but “He’s a Rebel”.  Well I have secretly treasured that song my whole life and tonite, as I sang along and danced around the kitchen with the dogs and the wooden spoon, I realized the words are just so profoundly chilling for many things going on today and most precisely…the way that Walter Isaacson so succinctly  describes the agonies and the ecstasies of Steve Jobs and  the tales of his incredible geniousness and precision in creating and manufacturing for  us a whole new easier, kinder, more beautiful, technical, artistic, productive  world.

“See the way he walks down the street. Watch the way he shuffles his feet. How he holds his head up high, when he goes walking by…he’s my guy. When he holds my hand I’m so proud. Cuz he’s not just one of the crowd. My baby’s always the one, to try the things they’ve never done. And just because of that, they say…hey!

“He’s a Rebel and he’ll never be any good

He’s a Rebel cuz he never ever does what he should do

But just because he doesn’t do what everybody else does…

That’s no reason why I can’t give him all my love….”

Just like  “It’s as good as it gets” makes you want to be a better YOU….just like OPRAH, and Gayle and Dr. Phil and the whole gang, inspire you to be a better YOU…..this book about this man…the  precision he empassioned the world with in  mending technology and artistic creativity into the most brilliant woven tapestry every time,  pushing the envelope WAY beyond his time….whether it be the Apple computer, Pixar Film, totally revamping the entire music industry so everybody wins, the ipod, the ipad, the iphone…….the enchanting  way that Walter Isaacson explains it all…where you are at times…laughing out loud in disbelief at what Steve Jobs gets people to do…..to the outcries of injustice for the bullying and down right abuse Steve Jobs puts the world thru to get what he needs to get us what we don’t even know that we so desperately want and need in this day and age….it is all …so very educational, baffling, entertaining and sad. Sad because Steve Jobs was one of the lost boys…he was given up and given away, and even tho he ended up with this incredible Mom and Dad who adored him and did EVERYTHING he Demanded…it never took away the lifelong dark sorrow of being “unwanted”.  It haunted and beguiled him. It brought him to do great things. It bewitched, bothered and bewildered him. He abandoned his own daughter….therefore goes the generational hand me downs of shame and confusion, yet he stopped it midstream. He was able to reach out to his daughter and they ended up having a relationship that mattered.

This is one of the stories you hear around the campfires from your elders.Ah…yes. The values of “right and wrong”.  I have always pushed the envelope myself. I have always stood up for what feels like should be  the right thing to do.  Many people continue to disagree with who I am and my points of view. I am a very fragile soul, full of a certain kind of integrity that must be heard. I instilled my son with the same philosophy which landed him in the principles office alot. Bob Dylan was one of Steve Jobs greatest heroes. Also one of mine. As far as Mr. Dylan is concerned…what ever you may think of him is none of his business. He does what he feels is right for him. I think he has done pretty well for himself and his family.

I guess this is what I find so exciting about living. The people that really make a huge difference in our world are usually the ones who push the envelope waaay out there. They are the doers of their dreams. They persist til they get it right…no matter what any one says. They have incredible focus and drive and discipline and passion. They are usually very colour filled characters…like Steve….going bare foot everywhere with holes in his jeans and having body odor much of the time. He was different. He gave us so very much it is really beyond words, but  I now have a very deep respect for Walter Isaacson as well as Steve Jobs and everyone …everyone who worked with Apple. It is all about connection. Finding the right people, who get you….who get the good , the bad and the ugly and still want to work with you and set their boundaries with you…..because they know you are on to something great!  Isn’t that just true of all of us?  There is no other human being like you on this planet. No one else….(yet anyway)…. who can DO YOU!  So what is stopping you?  This book is so inspiring because Steve Jobs let nothing stop him. Some times he would get very sad and cry. Then he was done and on to changing the world again. Let’s not…fit in. Let’s be the best me, we can be. Let’s be a rebel if we must!


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  1. “It is all about connection. Finding the right people, who get you….who get the good , the bad and the ugly and still want to work with you and set their boundaries with you…..because they know you are on to something great! Isn’t that just true of all of us? There is no other human being like you on this planet. No one else….(yet anyway)…. who can DO YOU! ”

    Love this!!! You said everything right here! This is why I wake up in the morning and want to get outta bed and really do something, make/create an impact to keep encouraging and growing these kinds of connections. That’s where I believe true learning and growth is developed from what others contribute to your life and what you in turn contribute to their lives.


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