“He Wanted Life Fer Free”


I was in a hurry. The state I am usually in most of my life. Thrust the key in the ignition and there it was: that dreary sound .Instead of the freedom of mobility, I can always count on, I knew I was about to “hurry and wait.”  Always 45 minutes or more for AAA to arrive upon the scene. This time I was delighted to see the” Car Dr.” stroll into the parking lot, a mere fifteen minutes later!  Out walked tall Lanky Justin…grinning from ear to ear. He couldn’t have been more then 23 years old,and altho he stated he was a native San Diegan, he CLEARLY had that southern twang that  I always end up involuntarily imitating after any  southern hospitality leaves my company. Justin changed my historical experience of car repair into the most life changing positive  adventure, and it is days later, and I am still thinking about it. He was a great teacher. He showed me why my battery was totally dead, and why I needed a new one. He didn’t pressure me in to anything. He told me all my options. I decided to go with the new battery and he went right to work replacing it then and there in the darkness of the  late evening.

We started sharing life stories of how people treat one another and he gave me quite an insight into things. Things that  I was right this minute  going thru. There was a gentleman in a gas station that came right up to his truck and asked him to give his car a jump. Justin politely told him the rules of AAA,and said he would be happy to help him,but he would need to abide by the  rules and call AAA first and put an order in for himself. The man was not happy. He went around the gas station, bad mouthing Justin, saying the AAA man refused to help him out and could they please give him a jump. People came over and questioned Justin. Justin politely repeated his company’s rules. 45 Minutes later, Justin got a call from AAA saying this guy finally called in for a jump. Justin walked over, put his hand out, said…” Hello Sir, My name is Justin and I am happy to help you get your car back on the road”,in his calm,southern hospitality Justin kind of  voice. He took the “high road” speaking of roads. While he was explaining his story to me he was gesturing alot with his hands and jumping around with the passion of a lil kid enjoying his play time. He said…” This guy just wanted life fer free, and that isn’t what life is about! You can’t have life fer free!”  I stood frozen with awed insight. “He wanted life fer free…..”  I am the kind of person that can sometimes be too kind. I give people the benefit of the doubt when I should leave skidmarks on my way out of the relationship instead. I am learning alot about this lesson ever since I set foot in California about ten months ago. I keep saying yes,to people who want life for free. They want to take and not give. They are too afraid, too much in a hurry…or too this or too that. They act like they are giving when they are conniving a way to take instead and they think I don’t notice. I notice, but I try to see their best side instead and know that way way back they were abused or they were hurt or injured in their childhood or they were this or they were that. No more for me. No IS a complete sentence. And you can’t have life fer free. Thank You Justin. You are one of the most disciplined, respectful, kind yet stern, strapping young men…I have ever met. I KNOW you dont’ want or take life fer free and you will touch each and every person you meet with your truth and your stern kindness!


About mamalushka

Thanks for dropping on by! Behold the Tales that shall unfold from the middle child of a family of seven kids, Mother of one son, Early Childhood Educator for thousands of Dancing Toddlers over the years... and now...Happy Author of my first children's book "Freddie and Bibelle" ~ an Extraordinary Encounter between A Dazzling Butterfly Bibelle and a Red Eyed Tree Frog called Freddie! :)

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