Longing and Yearning…


  Grass always seems greener, on the other side. Take this young lassie here…she looks so enthralled with something quite great, but I happen to have the  inside,secret scoop that while trying to make an Italian Photographer happy,  she is quietly YEARNING to skulk away and gently go for a soft tumble down onto the  comfort of her awaiting bed  and climb in  ALONE, for she has been deathly ill with a sudden onset  of pnemonia and she feels dreadful in her young, boney structured state of seaming like blissfulness of sexy unconciousness. I say…when the grass looks greener over there….one must just go right on over and investigate the goings ons!  Lately I have had such longings and yearnings…for ..home. I keep looking and longing for it. I leave no stone unturned. I travel thousands upon thousands of miles…searching…yearning….”Is this it?  Is this Home sweet Home? ”  I feel springtime, lovely moments of  familiarity…only to fall to my knees disappointed …head held low like Eyore….”No this isn’t it…It doesn’t Martyr to me…I will carry on alone…” What exactly is it that I keep yearning for…longing for….the people…the places…the things….?  The sidewalks, the flowers…the “Bling?”   My heart decides these things. I hate that. Well. Ok. I’m not fond of it. never say hate. My Mama always told me. I guess I shall be the wanderer until my Coyote Boy stops me in my tracks, and slowly I turn…and yearn no more…. for low and behold I find myself gazing softly,reverently, into a great big smile of sunshine love, and no one is more surprised than I…..for I have finally embraced the yearning in my soul and the unravelling of my heart as really just the beginning of a brave new start. May as well just Bloom Where ye is Planted!


About mamalushka

Thanks for dropping on by! Behold the Tales that shall unfold from the middle child of a family of seven kids, Mother of one son, Early Childhood Educator for thousands of Dancing Toddlers over the years... and now...Happy Author of my first children's book "Freddie and Bibelle" ~ an Extraordinary Encounter between A Dazzling Butterfly Bibelle and a Red Eyed Tree Frog called Freddie! :)

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