The Wind


I will always fondly reminice stepping foot ,back in America after working hard on opening up my soul on the  pristine island of St. Maarten, many moons ago. I was huddled close to my dear friend Liese; we were still in blissful, frightened culture shock from what we  had just learned about ourselves and eachother. I had a boom box, even back then. I was blasting George Winston’s beautiful piano music, Autumn.It calmed my soul from all the new found airport buzz. The gentleman in front of me strongly disagreed with the sound level, so off went my security blanket. We were taught to contemplate in silence alot, on the island… so the usual friendly chatter of people coming and going in airport talk… was just too much for me at the time. I was 23 years old and I knew everything. Scoffing at my new found enemy, I stopped suddenly and remembered the whispering sounds of the constant ever flowing gentle breezes of  my new beloved island friend, St. Maarten, and felt that calming, safe sensation again…immediately. I have always loved the wind. It is so power filled, sometimes so graceful, other times…so intense,like a Mama Lion chasing down it’s prey to feed her hungry cubs. So invisible in  itself, yet always bringing out the best or the worst of some thing… or some one. Windchimes, singing and swaying with glee, humans frightfully peering out their hurricane filled windows praying to live through the flying debris caused by 120 mph winds…cars and trucks, screetching to a halt, fearfully trying to avoid being the object of a tree cascading to the ground …the tragic result of Mother Nature’s wind and fury. The wind…is me. Passionate in every moment. Eager to make changes in the world,yet invisible in form. Sometimes with Joy and the birds singing out their gratefulness, and other times…at days end: the grim discoveries  lay, before,dormant,now… awaiting  the recent  rubble and destruction. The power  and passions of the wind…stirs in us all.

The  image here  is Japan’s word for Hope..”.Nozomi” can see the disasters…the rubble…behind our lil colourful character of “Hope”….with her little “Lantern of Light.” This is how us humans are…..Glass half full…..”Where there is hope…there is a new light…a new begining.. and “A new beginning…never ends….”  Namaste…


About mamalushka

Thanks for dropping on by! Behold the Tales that shall unfold from the middle child of a family of seven kids, Mother of one son, Early Childhood Educator for thousands of Dancing Toddlers over the years... and now...Happy Author of my first children's book "Freddie and Bibelle" ~ an Extraordinary Encounter between A Dazzling Butterfly Bibelle and a Red Eyed Tree Frog called Freddie! :)

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